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This page is designed to try to keep you, the contractors, up to date of various important issues.

It is broken down into 3 sections, CSL- Electrical & OSHA.



*If you are renewing on-line and need to get your certificate onto you computer to send as an attachement- I find the easiest way is to take a picture with my phone and email it to myself. If you are still having difficultites- let me know and I will try to help you.

*9th Edition of the Building Code has been approved and is expected to become effective mid- 2016. Read more DPS website

*Reduced Hours for Walk-In License Renewal Services

* Remember- you must have a new 12 hour continuing education certificate every renewal period aand you must send a copy of y our certificate along with your renewal paperworkl

*The DPS has updated their website to include many new forms. Need a duplicate renewal form, license or new license application? Here is the link.

* The DPS is attempting to do everything via email. Be sure to notify them of any email change Ph: (617) 727-3200

*The DPS is still back-logged with the new computer system. I hear it could take up to 6 weeks to receive your license. Check your bank statement for your cancelled check when you renewed. That will serve as proof to building officials that your license is in good standing.

*YOU MUST receive your renewal form directly from the BBRS. Each form is specific to the licensee. You can no longer use the generic forms that are on the website. If you have not received your renewal form 30 days prior to your renewal, contact Bev and I will give you contact information to request one. or 978-655-4568

BBRS Continuing Education Requirements

At this time, Kennedy Seminars has no plans to offer the newly implemented hoisting continuing education.

Please be advised that the deadline for completion of the Continuing Education requirements contained in 520 CMR 6.00: HOISTING MACHINERY, has been extended to September 1, 2014. Licensees whose Hoisting Machinery License expires prior to this date will not be required to submit Continuing Education at the time of renewal.

If you would like to find a hoisting continuinge education class

or more information in general "Hoisting Operators (FAQs)"

Required hours for continuing education



2017 NEC TIA's and Erratas
TIA 625.44(A), 625.54(NEW) and 625.56(NEW)
TIA 690.56(C)
TIA 770.110(A)(2)
TIA 590.4(G)

Errata 1- 300.4, IN Note and TAble 310.104(A)
Errata 2- 840.3(G)
Errata 3- 210.12, 424.99(B), 690.15, Table 725.154, and Table 760.154
Errata 4- 392.80(A)(1)(a)

* Renewals have been mailed to all current licensees. If you did not receive yours, contact me so I can try to help.
*There is some kinks in the mailings- you may receive duplicate renewals or maybe missing a renewal for 1 of your 2 licenses. Paul received his master renewal 4 days after his journeyman's game
*The on-line portal is worth the effort. Within a week I could see Paul's license was updated to 2019 expiration
*6 hours of professional development does not get sent to the Board. You have up until 07/31/2016 to take this class. Keep your certificate in a safe spot if you are randomly selected for audit you will need to send it.

If you moved and your mail is no longer being forwarded--- you must call the Board and speak with someone so they can change your address and resend. They are extremely busy and short staffed so just keep calling 671-727-9931

Some FAQ's after I renewed Paul's via the portal
*The website just kept spinning and spinning. Be patient- it did finally connect
*I had to do 2 seperate transactions as Paul has a master and journeyman license
*There is a slight fee added for online renewals
*You do not print the license yourself. When the website says "license to be printed" that means at the State Board
*The block asking "if you are an inspctor" is for Board staff

*MA Board of Electricians have gone to E-Licensing for renewal paperwor. Here is a link to E-Licensing Portal
You must create an account to use this portal.
Here are some directions that I hope will help when you receive your renewal packet from the MA State Board E-Licensing Info

NO on-line classes are accepted by the MA Board of Electricians. This applies to both the 15 and 6 hour requirements. Nothing on-line is allowed.

*Need a copy of the MA Amendments? They are available on the MA State Board (scroll to the bottom) MA Amendments

*Maine Licensees- They will no longer be mailing renewal forms. For more info open here ME Email Renewal Info

*NH licenses issued on or after July 1, 2014 will no longer have information on the back of the card. The back of the card will now be blank.

UL White books are no longer being printed. Download a copy here.

OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program

UL Product Incident Report Form

AFCI Unwanted Tripping Report

Need to drive into the MA Board of Electricians?, (Make sure to have a valid government issued picture ID)

Directions to the MA Board

If you find you need to contact the Board directly, here is their info:
Phone: 617-727-9931.  Fax: 617-727-9932

If you still need a 2014 code class, please click below for a calendar at the MA Board

MA Board Calendar

*Looking forward to the 2014 code cycle (effective date January 1, 2014). ALL 6 hour classes must be Board approved. You can only use 1 approved class every 3 cycles (9 years). So, for those of you multi-licensed (such as CSL, plumbing, etc..) You will not be able to use the continuing education you received for that license renewal for your additional electrical 6 hours more than 1 time every 3 cycles. Rest assured, Kennedy Seminars will not offer any "non-approved" 6 hour classes.

*The MA Board of Electricians just isued a new guidance memo relating to the installation of P.V. systems. Follow this link to read more Guidance memo- MA PV installation

* NEMA Evaluatin Water Damaged Equipment- This document will help you to make the right decision

* MA does not allow ANY on-line continuing education for either the 15 or 6 hour requirements. NH does allow on-line continuing education. Be careful if you are licensed in both states. Make sure your provider is approved for both states.


All New Hampshire licensed master and journeyman electricians must complete AN APPROVED 15 hour course on the 2014 NEC between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014 regardless of your renewal date.

RSA 319-C:6-c Continuing Education, NFPA 70 Changes. The board shall adopt rules relative to continuing education applicable to all licensees for training and compliance with the latest published edition of the NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, as published by the National Fire Protection Association. Each licensee shall show proof of completion of continuing education requirements adopted under this section within 12 months from the January 1 following the publication date of the latest version of the NFPA 70. Proof of completion shall be furnished to the board by the continuing education provider. [effective January 1, 2014]

*NH has just issued a "Solar Installation Informational Bulletin" click the below link and look to the bottom of the screen to see this information

To see this information on the NH Board of Electricians website, click here.



*OSHA page for Small Business. This is a great resource. Please check it out

OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program

*OSHA EMAIL SCAM- BEWARE. I just saw an alert on the website that warns of a scam that advises the receipient to download a guide to avoid being fined. The email will have the subject: "OSHA Regulations- Avoid being fined". It is a scam and do not open.

*OSHA has a new Heat Safety Tool just in time for summer.

*OSHA compliance officers are out and about in full force. And....they are fining contractors. Here is a map that will show you how close they are. Don't get fined, make sure you are compliant. OSHA enformcement sites

*We receive a lot of questions in our OSHA 10 classes on record keeping. This is the best sight I have come across that explains the process.

*OSHA cards do not expire. However, if lost after 3 years you must take the course again. If you lose them before 3 years, call the trainer you took the class with for a new one. There will be a fee for this replacement. You can laminate them.

*Hazard Communication is here. Check the OSHA Hazard Communication page for more info.

At this time, Kennedy Seminars has no plans to offer the newly implemented hoisting continuing education.

If you would like to find a hoisting continuinge education class

or more information in general "Hoisting Operators (FAQs)"

Required hours for continuing education



Do you know that you can work with the local technical schools to help those young kids that will some day walk in your shoes in the trades?

Paul and I are members of the Greater Lawrence Regional Vocational Technical High School Advisory Board for the Electrical Department and what we discovered (and this applies to all of the vocational schools):

These teachers are dedicated hard workers with little funding for their students

These kids want to learn but are often learning on antiquated equipment and materials

How can you help?

Become a co-op shop and give these kids the experience they need

Donate used materials or equipment

Buy an extra code book to donate to the kids

Join the advisory Board

If you want to get involved but don't know how just call me and I will help you find a very appreciative school in your area. or 978-655-4568



Kennedy Seminars proudly offers the following:

  • NEC code updates (Approved in MA, ME, NH, RI & VT)
  • MA 6 hours of Professional Development
  • Master Electrical Exam Study Prep (MA & NH tests)
  • Intro to NFPA 70E
  • First Aid/CPR/AED (adults, children, infants)
  • CSL continuing education (12 hours)
  • OSHA 10 for the Construction Industry

As well as personalize and friendly service